Here we see the Canal compound really taking shape mere steps from the Des Seigneurs bridge.

Up on the roof, you're a step closer to Heaven. The pool is tempting and the city glitters at your feet. After a long day, the perfect place to press the "Unwind" button.

Nine to ten-foot ceilings and an abundance of large windows give spaciousness a whole new meaning at Le Canal Phase II.

A glass of wine and a stunning view as evening settles over the Canal and the city. The perfect ending to any kind of day.

Phase II recalls its past with resolute modernism as it hovers near the Lachine Canal and the Des Seigneurs bridge.

The rue Basin will be a pedestrian walkway graced with verdant gardens and water rows

A two-storey lobby features classical lines with thoroughly modern features. An elegant waiting area for your guests and a stunning entranceway to all the delights Le Canal Phase 2 has to offer.

Nothing suits a modern, Italian-inspired kitchen better than a wide choice of hardwood floors, quartz countertops and high-end appliances.

A stunning landscape.

Sleek bathrooms include rain showers, frosted glass, quartz counters and ceramic tiles.

Let it snow. Let it freeze. Le Canal's indoor infinity pool sends cascades of warmth and soothing sounds to take the chill away. When the temperature warms up, the windows turn into patio doors that open up to beckon the sweet summer air. Truly, a pool for all seasons.

Between Phase 3 and 4 will be a beautiful interior courtyard for residents only. The perfect spot for lounging, socializing or just taking the air.

The two-storey gym has just what you need to get fit and stay fit. Not mention just what you need to work out the knots and the kinks – a dry sauna, a yoga room and a Jacuzzi.

Superior soundproofing and the comforting contours of the bedrooms make Le Canal Phase II a dreamy place to live – and rest.


On the water yet grounded in the city.

Le Canal is a visionary residential condo project located on the shores of the Lachine Canal in historic Griffintown. It creates an oasis of calm that is just minutes from the heart of downtown.

The architects of Atelier Chaloub et Beaulieu have created a resolutely forward-looking development while incorporating its historic heritage through the the use of materials such as masonry and brick that blends in perfectly with its natural surroundings.

Landscaping holds a place of pride at Le Canal. Fully 47% of the site's surface area is devoted to landscaped grounds, and the development is flanked on two sides by federally-protected parkland, meaning that Le Canal's hallmark views and unique character will never be adulterated.

Le Canal is being built in four phases. Phases 1 and 2 are now under construction. When Phase 4 is completed, the complex will house 497 units running all the way from open-space condos to two-storey townhouses.

Among the other highlights of the site are a sun-dappled inner courtyard, pedestrian walkways with fountains and water rows, indoor and outdoor infinity pools, two fitness centres, a ground level bistro and a rooftop urban chalet.


The past becomes perfectly present

Built along the shores of the Lachine Canal in Montreal, an important waterway since 1825, Le Canal evokes its historical origins and still creates a clean, contemporary design. The top two floors of Phase 1 are recessed to optimize sunlight in the courtyards, and pedestrian walkways with abundant greenery, fountains and water rows have been developed to give residents a true oasis in the heart of city.

The use of space in each unit promotes optimal sunlight, while the abundance of large windows adds undeniable warmth. Units feature Italian-inspired open concept kitchen; bathrooms with rain showers, frosted glass and quartz counters; and 9- and 10-foot concrete ceilings and hardwood floors. Each living room offers great views of either the city, the Canal, the Parc de la Pointe des Seigneurs, or the Des Seigneurs bridge


Phases 3 and 4 are now under construction. When Phase 4 is completed, the complex will house 497 units running all the way from open-space condos to two-storey townhouses.


Going on green.

Although the bright lights of the big city are mere minutes away, many people are looking for residences with an eye on a greener future.

To achieve this, our architects have spared no effort in creating a state-of-the-art complex offering the following benefits:

  • Efficient water management
  • Water-efficient grounds
  • Rain water management
  • Water-efficient sanitary fixtures
  • Eco-friendly building design
  • White roof
  • Mezzanine roof gardens
  • Use of low emission materials
  • Optimized energy consumption through superior insulation
  • Reduced light pollution through the use of outdoor cut-off lighting and reduced lighting power density
  • Accommodation of alternative modes of transportation
    • Charging stations for electronic vehicles in the outdoor parking area
    • Reserved parking spaces for Communauto members
    • Parking spaces for bicycles


This landscaping grounds you

An extraordinary amount of thought and expense has gone into creating a complex where residents can easily escape from buzz and bustle of the busy lives they lead.

The choice of location was key. Le Canal is situated between two federally-protected park areas that can never be developed, guaranteeing that the project's hallmark views will never be impeded and its inhabitants never encroached upon.

Landscaped grounds take up 47% of the development's entire space, an astonishingly high percentage for any urban residential project. Residents have access a common courtyard and the Basin Street walkway with trees, abundant greenery, illuminated water rows, and fountains adorned with aquatic plants and flowers – a perfect pastoral setting that also makes it very easy to take advantage of all the delights to be found along the Lachine Canal.


Les développements du Canal inc.

The team behind Le Canal is headed by Patrick Varin. It boasts more than 40 years of experience and has been responsible for the construction of more than 10,000 residential units on the island of Montréal. Some of its more recent projects include:

  • Cité Paul Sauvé (400 units)
  • Cours du Parc Laurier (800 units)
  • Parc Angus (800 units)
  • Bourg du Vieux (350 units)
  • Le Valencia (300 units)
  • Le Solano (800 units)

Atelier Chaloub Beaulieu Architectes

Renewal, modernity, intelligence and sustainable innovation. For two decades, those have been the defining words for the architects at Montreal’s Atelier Chaloub + Beaulieu who make workmanship and integration the priorities in all of their creations. A new project means a new concept, a new signature, one phase at a time. A collaborative approach that puts imagination at the forefront.

St-Louis Communications

St-Louis Communications lends its creativity and long experience to the Canal project. An expert in branding, the agency is a successful partner in Montreal luxury real estate. The company’s numerous accomplishments make it a valuable and enthusiastic member of the Canal team.

Agence RELIEFDESIGN architecture de paysage et design urbain

Professional, young and dynamic aRD combines great design capabilities to a sound knowledge of construction methods. The search for distinction, meaning and character is at the heart of our concerns. Concerned about the quality of the environment, aRD adheres to the principles of sustainable development. Their solutions are always practical, durable and aesthetic. They include a fine analysis of the intervention setting, the concepts of ecology and a multidisciplinary approach to ensure uniqueness the Canal’s project.


Superior amenities from the ground to the rooftops

In addition to its brilliant landscaping, common courtyard and pedestrian walkway, Le Canal raises the level of its amenities with every phase of its construction. Among them, a state-of-the-art fitness centre in Phase 1, a two-storey fitness centre, and indoor pool in Phase 2, a ground-level bistro and a rooftop urban chalet in Phase 3, and a rooftop pool between Phase 3 and Phase 4.